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Sector Focus

Channel Construction has combined efforts and resources with various International companies to further impact the global market. These include:


Channel Construction has joined forces with Vijay Tanks & Company LLC which was founded in 1984 with the express purpose of specialising as a designer and constructor of Liquid Storage Solutions. Since its inception, it has been actively involved in the Middle East. The company has grown considerably in its capabilities with management constantly evaluating new challenges.
Vijay Tanks core competencies include:
–          Computer Aided Design;
–          EPC of complete facilities with electrical, civil, instrumentation, tankage and other engineering disciplines;
–          Atmospheric tanks designed with a variety of options including dome/cone/floating roofs etc.;
–          Cyrogenic tanks for LNG, Ammonia, and other services;
–          Silos for the storage of solids and liquids;
–          On plot and Off plot piping systems;
–          Heater ducts and chimneys; and
–          Structural profiles.
Vijay Tanks recent project experience includes:
QATAR PETROLEUM EPC of 5 tanks of various sizes (66m dia. X 16m high, 59m dia. X 16m high, 14m dia. X 6m high)
QATAR PETROLEUM EPC of Double Deck floating roof tank (71m dia. X 16m high)
OMAN REFINERY EPC of 3X Double Deck floating roof tanks (60m dia. X 21m high)
EPC of tank terminal at Hamriyah Free Zone (6X 33m dia. X 15m high tanks). Including off-plot piping, civil works, and overall levelling and grading
Channel Construction’s recent project experience includes:
PETRO SA EPC of Desalination Plant
SASOL EPC of Slops Cooler
TRANSNET CAPITAL PROJECTS EPC of tanks of various sizes (13X 1m dia. X 1.5m high Flush Tanks, 5X 2.8m dia. X 5m high Prover Tanks, 5X 1.8m dia. X 2m high Sump Tanks)
METSO ND EPC of 4X 4700m dia. X 20m high Heat Exchangers
TRANSNET CAPITAL PROJECTS EPC of 2X 10m dia. X 20m high Diversion Tanks
TRANSNET CAPITAL PROJECTS EPC of 4X 20 million litre Fuel Storage Tanks


Channel Construction has partnered with SAMMI to further develop their impact in the mining and materials handling industry.
SAMMI, founded in 1976 focussed on mechanical assemblies and plant maintenance. Based in Italy, SAMMI perfected and expanded its production sectors, becoming involved in structural construction. This venture triggered the growth process in terms of size and managerial and technical skills.
Specialised in design and manufacturing of machines for bulk material handling, SAMMI provides complete systems in different fields, such as:
–          Mine and Quarry Plants
–          Cement Factories
–          Off-shore Plants
–          Harbour Plants
–          Steelwork / Aluminium Smelters
–          Tunnel Plants
–          Agro food Industries
–          Chemical/ Fertilisers
SAMMI’s provides the following equipment:
–          Conveyors
–          Bucket Elevators
–          Extractors
–          Vibrating Hoppers
–          Tripper Cars
–          Moveable Dock Machinery
–          Ship Loaders and Un-loaders
–          Mechanical Structures
SAMMI’s recent project experience includes:
GAURAIN Transport, Storage and Reclaim of Limestone
COUVROT Reception, Processing and Transportation of pet-coke to power cement mill
VOLZKIJ Raw material handling
INDONESIA Complete transhipment plant
TRIESTE Ships loading system
PONTREMOLI Muck removal conveyor system for tunnelling application
RAVENNA Port terminal warehouse mechanisation
Channel Construction’s recent project experience includes:
MIP PROCESS TECH. 18m dia. Bolted Slimes Thickener (64 tons), 21m dia. Sludge Thickener (39 tons), 25m dia. Sand Mine Thickener (75 tons), 2 N° 30m dia. Thickeners
BATEMAN EPC of 3 N° Crystallisers for Ambatovy Nickel Mine
BATEMAN EPC of the Hope Bay Gold Project – Gold Processing Plant
METSO ND EPC of Barberton Tailing Plant
METSO ND EPC of Conveyors for Coal Wash Plant (Mamba Project)


Channel Construction has completed various projects related to power generation over the years. This includes the Ducting (1 650 tons) for Medupi Power Station. Recently, the company has become the sole distributor for LBH International products in the Sub-Saharan African region.
LBH International, established in 1985 and based in Denmark, has gained a reputation of being one of the most prominent, creative and reliable suppliers on the market. LBH designs, manufactures and installs expansion joints to the entire energy sector.
The wide range of products/services is divided into five main categories:
–          Engineering
–          Fabric Expansion Joints
–          Elastomere Expansion Joints,
–          Metal Expansion Joints
Channel Construction has combined its expertise and resources with Flexclean Systems Private Limited to further impact the global market in relation to Dust Extraction Systems. Flexclean , based in India, is a proven worldwide player in Design, Manufacture and application engineering of:
–          Bag Filters
–          Baghouse filters
–          De – Dusting Systems
Flexclean has been applying filtration expertise to many of the industrial applications where dust nuisance is a serious problem. Flexclean provides products and services to the following industries:
–          Mineral Processing
–          Power Plants (Coal & Gas)
–          Cement
–          Steel
–          Ferro Alloys
–          Non Ferrous (Alu, Cu, Zn, Tin)
–          Fertiliser
–          Chemicals
–          Solid Waste (Municipal & Chemical)
–          General De-Dusting Systems (Nuisance Areas)
Channel Construction is committed to providing process and mechanical solutions to the Sugar Industry through innovative designs and quality manufacturing.
Channel Construction’s product offering includes:
–          Clarifiers
–          Juice Heaters & Evaporators
–          Syrup Clarifiers
–          Condensors for Evaporators & Pans
–          Batch Vacuum Pans & Stirrers
–          Continuous Vacuum Pans
–          Vertical Crystallisers
–          Massecuite Reheaters
–          Sugar Refining Equipment
–          Molasses Conditioning (Blow-up Tanks)
–          Rotary Distribution Apparatus
–          Sugar/Bagasse Cyclones
Channel Construction’s experience includes the successful manufacture and supply of equipment, including the most recent project being the Xinevane Project (Mozambique) for Tongaat Hulett. This included the complete EPC for Process Equipment.